About LH Equestrian Management

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About LHEM

LH Equestrian Management (LHEM) started with the intent of bringing opportunities to Vancouver Island riders. The Island riders are already somewhat isolated from the rest of the equestrian community purely by the fact that we live on an island. It is expensive to travel off the Island for clinics and shows so by bringing opportunities here, we can still learn from the experts and be competitive in the show ring as well as supporting our local clubs and volunteers.

The vision of LHEM is to bring our Island community closer together and be supportive of what we have on the Island. Of course, there will always be the necessity for some to travel off the Island and we can be supportive of that by providing travel grants to those in need. Also, LHEM aims to be inclusive by bringing events to all levels of riders from the grassroots to the elite. LHEM's events are to encourage everyone to try something new, have fun, learn something and improve.

The main focus of LHEM is currently dressage events however, there are plans to expand to other disciplines in the future.


About Laura

Laura grew up on Vancouver Island and has been riding and competing since the age of 5. She participated in Pony Club in addition to competing extensively in jumping, eventing and her main focus, dressage. Laura has won many championships with her horses, most notably Crackerjack and Northern Lights with whom she competed at the North American Young Riders Championship in 1996.

To read more about Laura's current riding experiences, check out this page.

Laura began LHEM as a way of providing opportunities to the Island riders as she knows firsthand the high expense of getting off the Island to attend shows and clinics. Also she developed the Equinety Vancouver Island Dressage Series as a way of providing Island riders a true Island championship that is attainable for all levels of riders.