The rules listed below will be followed and may be subject to change.

  • Includes HCBC licensed shows (most schooling shows) and EC licensed bronze or gold shows.

  • Scores will be collected from the show organiser. There is no need to submit scores unless final scores were not given at the show, in which case the rider must submit a copy of the test (must be signed and dated by the judge).

  • Scores used for awards will be the highest scores achieved from three shows in two different regions. One score per show will be used. The top score for the hardest test of the level will be the only score used for that show.

  • Riders must be HCBC members but do not have to be a member of a particular club to participate however membership rules may apply to participate in an individual club show.

  • Divisions and/or levels may be combined or split dependent on the number of eligible entries for awards.

  • Includes Training to FEI levels, freestyles, western and para-dressage.

  • To be eligible for the freestyle awards there must be three freestyle scores from shows in two separate regions.

  • A horse/rider combination cannot cross enter between divisions and is eligible only for one level award for the year (i.e., cannot receive awards for First and Second Levels in the same year).

    NEW for 2019

  • If there is only one horse/rider combination eligible for a championship in a division/level, that combination must have an average of 60% or higher to receive champion.

  • The same horse/rider combination cannot receive the same level championship in consecutive years.

How It Works

  • The highest test score from three shows in at least two different regions will be used to calculate the average score for each horse/rider combination.

  • Only one score per show will be used with a maximum of three scores averaged.

  • One score must be from the highest test of the level (i.e., Test 3) and the top score at the highest test level will be the only score used from that show.

  • Horse/rider combinations that attend a show in a third region will receive a bonus 2% added to their average.

  • In the event of a tie, the next highest score will be used to break the tie.

Betty rides her horse Lucky in three shows across the Island at Second Level. She gets the following scores at the shows:

Betty's total average for the season is 66%. Betty is eligible for the Second Level award as she competed at three shows in two regions of the Island and also received the bonus percentage for attending a show in the third region. She rode in front of 3 different judges and one score from Test 3 was included.